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Time Cards Guaranteed Made in USA
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A1181 Time Cards 300-549 (Pack of 1000's)

Price (ex State Tax): $99.00
(inc State Tax): $99.00

Quantity: Packs of 1000. (4 sets of 250)

Punched and numbered 300-549 

Top Quality, Money Back Guarantee.

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A1181 Time clock cards for Amano MJR-8000, MJR 8100, Cincinnati 8100 calculating time recorders. 

Time Card type: A1181
Time Card Size: 3 1/4" wide x 7 3/8" long (3.25 x 7.375)
Printed: 2 sides, green on 1 red on 2
Card stock: # 99 manila

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Proudly made in the USA

Accessories to go with your order
Printed on Canary coloured boardCANARY-BOARD$0.00
Printed on Blue coloured boardBLUE-BOARD$0.00
Printed on Salmon coloured boardSALMON-BOARD$0.00