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Geoprox NT 200 - Time Clock Recorder. Non-Contact clocking. Network and RS232 enabled. With Vacation & Sickness, Payroll Export,FREE Live Attendance Dashboards, 3 months Free Support. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS NEEDED.

The user presents a previously enrolled Keyring RFID tag to clock in/out, with FREE Payroll Export. 6 months FREE Support
Price (ex State Tax): $279.99
(inc State Tax): $279.99

COVID-19, This is a non-contact, non-touch solution.

 Vacation hours paid /unpaid 

 Sickness Payments & Logging

 Standard Hours and 3 Overtime rates

 Deduct for Cigarette Breaks

 Employee Rostering

 Unlimited Shift Patterns

 Unlimited Lunch/ Tea Breaks

 Auto-Deduct for Tardy/Lateness

 Overtime by week AND pay period

 Exports data to all Payroll Programs

 Automatic or Clocked Breaks/both

 Time rounding

 Reports in hours/ minutes or decimals

 3 Different time card formats


Max number of pay periods Unlimited Max number of departments  Unlimited
Cigarette break clockings Unlimited Max number of clock in/out per day  Unlimited
Max number of roster patterns  Unlimited Max number of Tea/lunch breaks per shift Unlimited
Max number of shift patterns  Unlimited TCP/IP, RS232 and USB communications YES
Max number of Live Attendance Dashboards Unlimited Shift rotation allowed YES
 Pay period lengths  Unlimited Optional PIN number instead of RFID tag YES
Max number of companies in software  Unlimited Optional USB pen drive download installed YES

Employees can see the hours they have workd on their smartphone

To order additional terminals - CLICK HERE

Whats in the box? 

Time and Attendance software, Quick start guide, Live Attendance Dashboard software and Payroll Export on CD. 
Terminal, Mounting Backplate, Installation instructions, 6 foot Network Cable, 2 Pin Power Adaptor

There are no RFID proximity tags included with this system - order them separately on this page.

Accessories to go with your order
RS232 25 foot cable 9 PIN M/FRS232CABLE10$18.95
Pack of 5 RFID proximity tagsTag25k(5)$10.00
Extra software user licenceGPUS-lic$125.00
Key Features
Export and Payroll

Most importantly - if any employee forgets to clock the system keeps on operating as normal. Reports still work. It just prints on the time card that the employee missed a clocking.

 Working Hours and shift options included

Calculates hours worked, sorts pay into standard and 3 rates of overtime - even deducts for any breaks so you don't have to!

  • This system records and prints the actual time clocked and no other.  
  • Highlights missed clockings, tardy/lateness, sickness, vacation, unauthorised absence and early departure etc.
  • Can stop hours being accumulated before shift start and after shift end.


 Overtime can be applied by time of day, day of week, after x hours per day, after x hours per week, after x hours per pay period,
 or a combination of all.

  • Can be configured to not pay overtime at end of shift until x mins worked, stops late leavers being paid when not actually doing overtime.
  • Also allows you to add, edit or delete clocking transactions - to restrict too much unauthorized overtime - easily add/edit transactions for drivers and off site remote workers.

Overtime rules and clawback facility.

This fantastic money saving feature applies those often forgotten overtime rules. Claw back overtime from any pay rate if the employee has not worked certain qualifying hours at other rates. Most typically if you pay Saturday overtime but only after 40 hours have been worked at normal rate for Monday to Friday, the software can reduce Saturday overtime and move those hours to normal rate until 40 hours at normal rate is reached then the remainder is still Saturday overtime. Also great for enforcing those who start 2 hours early (on overtime rate) but leave 2 hours before shift end (at normal rate)

Lunch/Break deductions

 After hours worked

  • You  can auto deduct for lunch if employee does not clock, after x hours (after 4 ½ hours deduct ½ hour or lunch window (12.00-14.00 deduct 1 hour).  If employee does clock auto deduct only comes into force if the full lunch deduction is not taken and deduct more time if longer than lunch deduction taken.

Between time zones

  • Say between 12.00-14.00 deduct 1 hour for lunch.  If employee does clock then auto deduct only comes into force. If the employee clock but the full lunch deduction is not taken then the unused is still deducted. If a longer lunch is taken then that is deducted.

Sickness and Vacation Hours

  • Vacation can be paid or unpaid. The outcome is dictated by the shift an employee is scheduled for on the day of vacation. If the shift for that day is ‘Vacation’ paid and the employee decides to take that time as unpaid just allocate them to an unpaid shift shift for that day(s). 
  • The same applies for sickness time off.  

 Restricted access

  • Each software user can be restricted to what they can see and edit.


small calender Graphical Shift Rostering Calendar - change shifts in a second.

You can allocate an employee to a shift pattern in an automated setup or use a drag and drop calendar. An employee can be different shift every day. The drag and drop shift rostering calendar allows you to change employees shifts with a click and make 'on the fly' amendments easily.

 Rounding and grace

The software has intelligent lateness rounding rules so you only pay for the exact time worked. Can auto deduct for lateness after x minutes (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc) and start paying from a rounding unit (15, 30 mins etc).

Round forward/back for late arrivals, long lunches, early departures, lunch not taken - so you only pay for the hours worked.

Full time card bi-weekly with Overtime after 40 hours per week, Terminal used, Vacation recorded.

Bi-weekly 80 hours, auto deduct lunch, no overtime earned.

Weekly time card showing terminal, weekly overtime after 40 hours and weekend working shown separately.

Weekly time card with overtime after 39 hours per week.

Exporting data to Payroll programs or Excel


You can export your time card and other data from the software to a file for 3rd party payroll or Excel spreadsheets.

Other Exports

Software exports all data to a file in many different formats for use in Excel and payroll systems.  

  • The software automatically calculates the correct figures for payroll.
  • Data can also be exported for use in third party software such as HR and Personnel packages
  • Print or view information on screen and save reports to disk for later review or use elsewhere.


How the terminal works:
Each employee presents their RFID tag to the terminal and once recognized this creates an in/out transaction. The terminal displays the result of the attempt along with an audible message. The software also allows authorized personnel to add, modify or delete those transactions.

Robust ABS construction
Large LCD display
Wall mount
Communications all fitted as standard: TCP/IP - LAN/WAN 10/100 Mbit, USB stick, RS232 9 pin
Transaction capacity: 50000 transactions (Download transactions to restore transaction capacity)
Dimensions (L x W x H)  7.5” x 2” x 5.5””
Environment: 32° - 113° FC 20% - 80% humidity
Standards: FCC, UL
Power supply: 110/120vac 2 pin adaptor to 5VDC

If you have no network you can download data to a USB stick and data transfer at a PC.

Software Specifications

The Software only operates on Windows platform and is multi-department, multi-company and can run on a stand-alone PC or networked.

PC *minimum* requirements: 
Standard Windows Intel-compatible processor (Intel, AMD etc), 1gb RAM, 200MB hard disk space free, an available and suitable network port (for hardware equipped with a network port), communications "COM" port or USB port when using USB to COM adapter or connections.

Operating systems supported must be properly licensed, legal and current copies of Windows 7, 8, Windows 10; desktop versions.

This product is not sold to work on beta or preview versions of Windows, Windows Vista, Windows RT, Windows for devices or emulation packages such as the WINE project, thin client or virtual environments. 

All operating systems must be 32bit or 64 bit with no sub-systems restrictions.